Parent Coaching and Support

In order to better understand your child and your family, we will always begin with a meeting between one or both parents and me.  We may decide to continue having parent meetings weekly/monthly, while doing another kind of therapy with your child. Or we may move to just checking in weekly on the phone, or before your child’s session.

Alternatively, you may be a parent who only wants parenting support sessions, without therapy for your child.  I have been there, done that, with both my special needs child and my “normally developing” son, and I’m here to tell you that parenting has been lots of work, and yet very rewarding in both cases!  I am happy to support you in taking care of yourself, so that you can keep taking care of your kids.  As they say, put the oxygen mask on yourself first!  We can use talk therapy, gestalt, sand tray or mindfulness techniques, to help you figure out what is best, and take care of yourself and your family.